Give Back to the Planet and Loved Ones this Holiday Season

Give Back to the Planet and Loved Ones this Holiday Season

Giving to others feels good. But it’s even better when your gift also gives back to the Earth. Delight your eco-conscious loved ones while striving for an eco-friendlier lifestyle with sustainable gift ideas from Clean Beauty. We’re proud to be your simple, trusted, conscious partner in making mindful choices for a better planet on every gift-giving occasion of the year.  

The Best Eco-Friendly Gifts for Any Occasion

  • Sustainable Gifts for the Fragrance Wearer- Awaken their senses with a clean perfume set that lets her try new fragrances that are made from a sustainable company, comprised of responsibly sourced ingredients and never tested on animals. Note- if they love fragrance, but can't wear it due to a sensitive nose, try something from CLEAN CLASSIC. The line is simple and made for those scent-wearers in mind!

  • Sustainable Gift Ideas for the Chef - Level up their grill game with sustainable charcoal that’s free of chemicals and fillers. Pair it with an environmentally friendly grill cleaning set that nixes grease and bacteria without toxins or chemicals. Follow up with CLEAN RESERVE body lotion to moisturize the skin after all the cooking and hand washing!

  • Luxury Eco-Friendly Gifts - Gather a gorgeously scented vegan soy candle, a luxe bamboo robe and a gift card to a local spa or massage therapist in an cute reusable tote, and voila! You’ve got a luxurious self-care gift for the person who has everything and insists on always doing for others. Bonus points here for the small business angle.

  • Gifts for the Sustainability Newbie - Help your loved ones reduce their carbon footprints with gifts like a metal hydration bottle, a reusable and refillable home fragrance diffuser, a set of metal straws or other environmentally friendly products.

  • Gifts for an Eco-Friendly Home - Whether it’s a housewarming gift or a hostess gift, your eco-conscious friends will appreciate thoughtful presents that align with their values, like a room and linen spray that comes in a chic reusable glass vase like CLEAN RESERVE Fresh Linens Room Spray.

  • Eco-Friendly Gifts for Pets - Show your furry friends some eco-friendly love with compostable doggy waste bags and dog collars made from bamboo, hemp or recycled materials.

  • Green Gifts That Give Back - Make every day Earth Day by making donations in your loved one’s name to organizations that help protect pollinators, conserve resources and keep plastic out of our oceans. Or purchase CLEAN RESERVE Skin Limited Edition created in partnership with

Tips for Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping

With just a few tweaks to your usual routine, you can have a more sustainable holiday season and a greener outlook all year. Between choosing companies committed to eco-friendly packaging and cutting down on the single-use plastics you buy, you’re on the path to a lower carbon footprint. Here are more ways to reduce your environmental impact by going earth-friendly with your gift-giving generosity:

  • Reduce - Consider not wrapping your gifts! Because the contents are what matters most — after the thought, of course — skip the fancy and wasteful presentation of shiny wrapping paper and simply present your gift in a plain brown bag. If you’re artsy, decorate it with fun drawings or stickers.

  • Reuse - Got old paper maps, magazines or Sunday comics lying around? They make delightfully retro gift wrapping, as does plain butcher paper. Other options for reused wraps include fine fabrics, towels and pretty scarves. Glass jars, reusable gift bags and cardboard boxes make excellent gift containers. 

Recycle - Seek out paper made with recycled content and selections that are biodegradable or compostable. Then make sure to put them in your recycle bin or compost heap after the celebration!