Our Buzz Makers: Dave Coast

Our Buzz Makers: Dave Coast

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Month in April, we’ve partnered with Earth Day Network to help fund their Protect Our Species campaign, and our focus is to protect the bees. We formed a hive of do-gooders, aka, eco-friendly influencers we love, who care about the bees and the earth as much as we do. Discover how and why they’re protecting the bees—we hope you’ll get inspired to take action, too.

Vol 1: Dave Coast

Current Location: Venice Beach, CA

Mission: To make wellness more holistic by integrating sustainability and mindfulness with diet and exercise tips, so people can live healthier, happier lives in harmony with nature.

Why bees?: “Because our entire ecosystem is dependent on them and their population is declining rapidly. We must come together to help protect them.”

Dave is planting bee-friendly herbs and flowers in his garden to create a haven for these tiny pollinators.  

Try it in your own backyard, porch or community garden.

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