Share The Love of Fragrances This Father’s Day

Share The Love of Fragrances This Father’s Day

Is your dad a little nervous to dip his toesand nose!—into unfamiliar scents? The fragrance world can definitely be daunting but, as a brand that prides ourselves on offering a diverse range of unisex perfumes to suit every preference, we’re sure there’s something he’ll love in our CLEAN RESERVE or CLEAN CLASSIC collection. So, to help you find a signature scent for a fragrance newbie this Father’s Day, we’ve pulled a few pointers for choosing a gift that will make him feel confident rather than confused. Looking for more? Check out our Clean Beauty Collective's Father's Day Gift Guide.

Start With Familiar Notes

Grab dad’s favorite cologne bottle and scan the back for a list of notes, then find a CLEAN fragrance with similar components! Here are a few notes that appear in popular colognes, and where you’ll find them in the CLEAN collection:

Opt For Woody and Smoky Notes

If your dad doesn’t love light and floral scents but is under the common misconception that all perfumes belong in this family, gift him a fragrance featuring unwaveringly bold notes. These notes may be more to his taste and will show him that perfumes come in a plethora of profiles. CLEAN RESERVE Sueded Oud offers a rich depth with Bushman’s Candle, Soft Suede, and Black Amber. Or, try the crisp yet smoky CLEAN RESERVE Sel Santal with notes of Nutmeg, Hazlenut Cream and Sandalwood. 

Keep It Simple

Each scent in our CLEAN CLASSIC range is ideal for fragrance newcomers because they’re simple, straightforward, and easy to wear. CLEAN CLASSIC Rain, CLEAN CLASSIC Pure Soap, and CLEAN CLASSIC Ultimate are understated crowd-favorites sure to please on Father’s Day.