Farm Fresh: Sustainable Fragrances with Rainforest Vetiver in CLEAN RESERVE Rain

Farm Fresh: Sustainable Fragrances with Rainforest Vetiver in CLEAN RESERVE Rain

Welcome to our sustainable fragrance series Farm Fresh, where we explore the eco-conscious ingredients used in our CLEAN RESERVE and CLEAN RESERVE Avant Garden fragrances and share how we give back to our farmers. In addition to supporting the farmers and their communities, we’re committed to crafting products with the safest ingredients, avoiding anything that may be potentially linked to health or environmental issues (see our No-To list). 

First, it’s important to truly understand what “sustainable” means.

Here’s how we define it: 

  • Responsibly sourced and doesn’t deplete the planet’s natural resources.
  • Gives back to the farmers and their communities.
  • Maintains an eco-conscious life cycle, from green manufacturing to recyclable packaging.

Meet Rainforest Vetiver

Vetiver is a tropical grass with a downward growing root system that makes it a favorite amongst farmers seeking to prevent erosion and stabilize soil. Its rich and complex scent can be found in CLEAN RESERVE Rain, adding an earthy, woody, and slightly smoky depth to light and crisp notes like Water Lily and Chilled Cucumber. 

We use only sustainably-sourced Vetiver in CLEAN RESERVE Rain. As Vetiver is highly drought tolerant and doesn’t require a lot of water to grow, its cultivation is more sustainable than many other plants. We also chose to partner with a company that sources Vetiver from Haiti and gives back to the farming families by providing education resources, health care, and safe drinking water. 

5 Fun Facts

  1. Vetiver is native to India but Indonesia and Haiti are now major producers of this plant. 
  2. Vetiver can grow up to up to five feet high with roots that can reach three to four feet into the ground. 
  3. This plant has antiseptic properties and has been used to treat acne and sores.
  4. In aromatherapy, Vetiver is used to encourage mental focus and create a calm and relaxed space.
  5. Vetiver can be made into a syrup used to flavor milkshakes, yogurts, ice creams, and even cocktails.