Take Off with Travel Sets

Take Off with Travel Sets

From the passenger seat to carry-on, our travel fragrances are the perfect companions for every adventure this summer. Below, we’re answering all your frequently asked questions about these scents so you can make the most of them this season!

What Are Travel Fragrances Anyway? 

We think of travel fragrances as those that are small enough to slip into your bag or pocket so they can be used on the go. When traveling by air, you can bring liquids in containers that hold less than 3.4 ounces (100ml) as carry-on, so we also take this into account by offering fragrances that meet these rules. 

Which Is Better: Spray or Rollerball?

While both are ideal for travel, there are certain advantages to each application method. Spray perfumes softly disperse fragrance and are great to use each morning before a full day of activities. They’re also perfect for sharing with your travel buddies! Rollerballs, on the other hand, offer a more concentrated application and allow you to easily swipe fragrance on your pulse points while out and about. 

What’s the Difference Between the CLEAN Travel Sets?

Great question! Here’s a breakdown of what we’ve got:


We offer three duo sets, each featuring two scents that can be used on their own or layered together. 

  • Fresh Radiance: This bright and breezy duo of CLEAN RESERVE Solar Bloom and CLEAN RESERVE Aqua Neroli is destined for vacations to balmy, beachy destinations.

  • Best Sellers: CLEAN RESERVE Radiant Nectar and CLEAN RESERVE Aqua Neroli meet in an effervescent set that’s ideal to accompany you on a sunny adventure in nature. 

  • Ultimately Sensual: The two fragrances in this set, CLEAN CLASSIC Skin and CLEAN CLASSIC Ultimate, are larger than the other travel fragrances we offer (but still meet air travel regulations!), and create an alluring essence that belongs on a romantic getaway with your S/O.

Pour Ons

Pour bottles allow you to dab perfume directly onto your pulse points and easily control how much or how little you’d like to wear.

  • BEEautiful Earth Gift Set: Traveling for a friend’s special event? The miniature replica bottles in this set make it cute enough to gift, while their compact size means the whole collection can be packed in your carry-on!


  • CLEAN RESERVE Travel Spray Layering Collection: Whether you’re roasting marshmallows on a camping trip, kayaking on a cerulean lake, or hiking through rugged forests, you’re sure to find the perfect perfume in this versatile set of six scents that evoke the beauty of nature. 

  • CLEAN CLASSIC and CLEAN RESERVE Sample Sets: These carefully curated kits allow you to discover your favorites in our CLEAN CLASSIC and CLEAN RESERVE ranges—and redeem a balance against a full-sized purchase in that line!


    • Classically Clean: This set includes CLEAN CLASSIC Warm Cotton, Skin, Rain, Original, and Simply Clean. It’s a slightly cozier curation that’s perfect for a vacation where you’ll be escaping the heat.

    • Fresh Fragrance: Fresh Fragrance is similar to Classically Clean except you’ll find CLEAN CLASSIC Fresh Linens rather than CLEAN CLASSIC Simply Clean. This makes it ideal for those picnic in the park days—perhaps while enjoying a staycation in your own city!

    • Celebrate Our Earth: This is our only rollerball set that features the floral and feminine CLEAN CLASSIC Flower Fresh, and is perfect for a summer girls trip!