monarch butterfly

The CLEAN Guide To Butterfly Friendly Flora

We’ve teamed up with to spread the word about threatened butterflies -  and we think Learn About Butterflies Day is the perfect time to teach the world how to save them! Start your education journey today by learning how to provide these threatened pollinators with food and shelter. Read on to discover a list filled with butterfly-friendly plants and flowers that smell so beautiful they’re even featured in CLEAN fragrances. It’s a fantastic - and fragrant! - first step in joining our #FlutterForChange movement!


Native Milkweed And Wildflowers

While they don’t star in CLEAN scents, native milkweed and wildflowers should be the first plants added to your butterfly garden. Certain species of butterflies rely wholly on milkweed to feed their caterpillars, while adult butterflies love the nectar of brightly-colored wildflowers. Use a tool like Pollinator Partnership’s planting guides to find out which varieties are native to your area. This will ensure you don’t inadvertently cause negative effects to the environment and ecosystem, and have the best chance of growing success. 

jasmin flowers


Inspired by our passion for protecting butterflies, CLEAN RESERVE Lush Fleur also features a flower in which these precious pollinators love to land. That’s right; butterflies, and even hummingbirds, are often drawn to the sweet scent of day-blooming Jasmines.  

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peony flowers


Swallowtail butterflies love the nectar of the delicate and refined flowers that give CLEAN RESERVE Skin its subtle sweetness! Planting peonies in your spring garden is an easy way to attract this large and colorful species. 

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lemon tree

Lemon Tree

Speaking of Swallowtails, the magnificent butterflies you see didn’t always have wings boasting a kaleidoscope of color. In fact, they begin life as Lemon Tree Caterpillars! Lemon Tree Caterpillars hatch from eggs laid on the leaves of lemon trees, which they later rely on for food. Encourage all stages of the butterfly life cycle by planting a lemon tree in your garden - you’ll also enjoy the fresh, citrusy scent of Lemon Oil found in CLEAN RESERVE Citron Fig.

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