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Under The Stars: It's Capricorn Season

Each zodiac season, we get into the unique persona of the corresponding sign with our Under the Stars series. We also reveal what the celestial forces have in store for the month ahead — and the carefully chosen CLEAN scent to match the one-of-a-kind sign for the season.

The new year falls under the Capricorn dates, one of two January zodiac signs along with Aquarius. Learn about the personality and goals of Capricorns to better understand yourself or someone you know. To go with the horoscope, we have a curated fragrance just for this detailed star sign. Discover insights for the Capricorn sign here.

Capricorn: The Meticulous Mountain Goat

(December 22nd-January 19th)
  • Mantra: Hard work conquers all
  • Always: Pushes themselves to achieve their absolute best at any task, hopefully with others watching
  • Rarely: Takes the easy way out or does anything on a whim (no spontaneous trips or impulse buys)
  • Favorite Things: Ambition, recognition, being the boss, 5-year plans, loyal friends
  • Born To: Reach for the stars and celebrate big upon victory 

January Horoscope and Capricorn Season Meaning

Something in your subconscious has been holding you back, and you know what? You’re fed up with it. That’s the determined Capricorn personality in action. It’s time to let go of the fear of failure, the knocks to your confidence and the self-doubt. No more of it. Know that the only way to fail is to not try, one of the challenges that come with disciplined Capricorn traits. It’s time to give your goals a proper shot. As your solar return comes to a close, you are getting charged up to start the year off right — with a motivated, excited and prepared version of yourself.

It can feel strange to let go of a past version of yourself, even if you know it’s no longer working for you. The Capricorn zodiac sign mantra this month is: onwards and upwards. Take steps forward and know that soon enough, you’ll feel more confident in each one. Wonderful things can happen, but the key is believing in yourself. Start your year off right by trusting your instincts and capitalizing on all your hard work.

From the start of Capricorn season, remember to turn to the dependable Taurus and intellectual Virgo for more guidance. The intensity of Scorpio might also resonate with your own detailed perspective.

Water-Based Aroma for a Cardinal Earth Sign

Delightful and revitalizing, our CLEAN RESERVE H2EAU Waterfall scent lends a light and refreshed sensibility to the serious Capricorn, with the comforting scent of vetiver to ease longer workdays. This gentle and hydrating fragrance is the ideal counterbalance to your own fierce determination that can sometimes turn into a punishing pace to realize your dreams.

Apple blossoms and juicy watermelon bring a little vacation to your daily routine. Musk makes this an all-year fragrance that you can count on. From the moment Capricorn season begins to the end of the year, this versatile and revitalizing aroma will be perfect for your steadfast personality and encourage peace of mind.