Under The Stars: It's Aquarius Season

Under The Stars: It's Aquarius Season

Each zodiac season, we explore the distinct persona of the corresponding astrological sign. Plus, we reveal what the stars have in store for the month ahead and the best CLEAN scent to align with the current season.

Start off the new year by learning about Aquarius dates, attributes, elements and the signature scent that defines this free-spirited sign. First, is Aquarius a water sign? It’s very in keeping with this unpredictable zodiac that it’s a fixed air sign despite the name. Discover more insights with this horoscope, and pamper yourself with a CLEAN fragrance or impress a special Aquarian in your life.

Aquarius Sign: The Visionary Maverick

(January 20th - February 18th)

Mantra: I’m a rebel with a cause

Always: Blazes their own trail while being the lone wolf that unites the pack

Rarely: Conforms to norms or gets too close to any one person

Favorite Things: Philanthropy, collaboration, freedom, technology and community

Born To: Innovate for the greater good

February Horoscope for Aquarius Season:

Aquarius season starts in January, but as you move into the second half, you should always be your authentic self. This usually comes naturally to the unconventional Aquarius personality. It’s still important to remember to be courageous and outspoken when your friendly side might have other ideas.

Dress in a way that feels liberating for you, and don’t be afraid to challenge the norm through your self-expression. As you develop your self-confidence, you must not judge other people who are at a different point in their journey. Some Aquarius traits can be doubled-edged — your independent ways could turn to stubborn judgment if you don’t keep this mind.

Long-term projects, agreements and contracts are nearing completion, and you will feel the pressure to tie up loose ends under the full moon in Virgo on February 24th. Think on your feet to balance out that urgency for Aquarius zodiac signs. Turn to Libra and Sagittarius for extra support.

What Is an Aquarius Fragrance?

Aromatherapy uses your natural instincts to affect your mood with scents that align with certain traits. Choosing a fragrance to correspond with Aquarian season uses those same principles.

Like Aquarius, CLEAN RESERVE Sueded Oud is unwaveringly bold. Complex and sophisticated by nature, it blends woody oud with sweet notes and florals to deliver a uniquely balanced scent that will capture plenty of attention without being overpowering. Your spontaneous personality will stand front and center with this nuanced fragrance.

When it’s Aquarius season in winter, the warmth of incense oil and red pimento keeps spirits high. Woodsy scents bring a soothing quality that can help ground this aloof star sign. The real beauty of this fragrance is its versatility. When is Aquarius season bottled and waiting? Anytime you like, with floral notes that fit sunny seasons while fir balsam and suede are wonderful for autumn and winter.