Under the Stars: It's Pisces Season

Under the Stars: It's Pisces Season

Each zodiac season, we explore the persona of the corresponding sign for insights from the stars. To top it all off, we reveal what astrology has in store for the month ahead and select the perfect CLEAN scent to match the unique star sign during that time of year.

The heartfelt sign for this season is represented by a pair of fish, and this Pisces horoscope is here to guide your decisions in the coming months. Read on to learn more about this zodiac sign and discover a clean fragrance for yourself or a Pisces close to you.

Pisces: The Imaginative Fish

(February 19th-March 20th)

Mantra: I feel it all

Always: Soaks up everyone’s emotions and deeply connects with those around them

Rarely: Sticks to small talk or stays in one place for too long 

Favorite Things: Creativity, exploring the arts, meaningful conversations, dreaming big, escaping reality

Born To: Bare their heart and soothe souls 

March Horoscope

March Horoscope: Pisces Sign

As the second half of Pisces dates for the season, March will bring a lot of feelings about a future with the Pisces’ partner — and they might be a little messy. Even though you will be mostly in good spirits, those feelings will affect you. Remember to not hide your doubts, and try to talk about them with your partner sooner rather than later. You’re the March zodiac sign known for having deep emotions. They know your sensitive heart needs reassurance.

This month, your acts will be impacted by the energy you give off. Follow your feelings and try to solve everything in good time to make the most of Pisces season. You will also feel especially empathetic, which will help you to find a solution to any important matters.

The Sun will have the most significant influence on you during March. Similarly to the Sun, you will be abundant in confidence and generosity. This alignment creates an ideal opportunity to invite your boss or a business partner over for dinner, gaining some bonus points that could fundamentally change your career.

However, don't get carried away. The more modest you are, the more likely it is that the reward will come to you on its own. The stars for Pisces show a lot of promise this month — let their projected success happen naturally with your sincere personality. Cancer and Scorpio are reliable signs to help you through if you need support.

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