Under The Stars: It's Scorpio Season

Under The Stars: It's Scorpio Season

Each zodiac season we’ll dive into the corresponding sign to discover all there is to know. Plus, we’ll reveal what the stars have in store for your special season and the perfect CLEAN scent to match.

It’s Scorpio Season

(October 23-November 21st)

Scorpios are often pegged as mysterious and secretive, but once you open up, you’re truly enchanting. Your magnetic personality pulls everyone your way, and keeps them there. With the mighty Scorpion as your symbol, your intensity can make you controlling. Keep your passion in check by channeling it into meaningful bonds with friends and loved ones. You’re not afraid to explore dark, emotional topics and can lead others to do the same.

This month, it’s time to finally deal with any situations you’ve been trying to ignore. You embrace transformation, so although these things may be awkward to resolve, you’ll feel a soul-affirming shift after. Your new year starts on October 27th, as 2019’s only Scorpio moon shows up. This yearly occurrence creates a six-month period to refresh and prioritize your goals.

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