Upcycling, Upgraded

Reminiscent of sea glass, each eco-conscious votive or bottle in our SPACE home collection was designed to be reused. It was important for us to create vessels that not only looked beautiful, but were able to become part of your everyday world after their original use.

Here’s how to prep your SPACE containers for a second life:

  1. Natural Soy-Blend Candles: Remove the sustainable wooden top from your votive. To clean out the remaining wax, put the votive in the freezer for a few hours or until frozen. Use a butter knife to pop out the hardened, frozen wax and the bottom of the wick. Scrape out any remaining wax or residue. Wash the votive with warm soapy water.
  2. Linen & Room Sprays and Liquid Reed Diffusers: Simply remove the sustainable wooden top and wash out any remaining product from the bottle with warm soapy water. Dry and you’re all set. For the diffuser, recycle the reeds like you normally would for other recyclables. 

Now, let the upcycling begin! There are endless ways to repurpose these beauties, but here are our favorite below:

  1. Succulent pots: Fill your candle votive half or two-thirds of the way with organic soil. Carefully remove a small succulent from its original pot and replant it in the votive. Meet your chic new plant.
  2. Vases for sprigs or flowers: Snip a few stunning sprigs and artfully arrange them in any of your empty SPACE vessels. Or, show off a few blooms in your Linen & Room Spray or Liquid Reed Diffuser bottles—both make the perfect bud vases.
  3. Bathroom containers: Store cotton balls or swabs in your candle votives. We love how the wide, open design makes for easy access, while the soft, white exterior creates a spa-like feel.=
  4. Vanity organizers: Give your makeup brushes, eyeliners and lip pencils a chic, orderly home in your Linen & Room Spray or Liquid Reed Diffuser bottles. You’ll never hunt for your essentials again.