What Is ‘Clean’ Beauty?

What Is ‘Clean’ Beauty?

Clean beauty. It’s a term you’ve likely seen when browsing the beauty aisle. It’s even one we named ourselves after in 2003 before the term was so widely known! But what does ‘clean beauty’ actually mean? While there’s no standard definition or regulation in the US, we believe clean beauty can be defined using the three words we’ve built our brand on: simple, trusted, conscious.


When you hear the phrase ‘clean eating’, you likely think of food that’s unprocessed and made without unnecessary additives. Clean beauty products are similar; they’re wonderfully simple and contain only the essentials, nothing more!

Here at Clean Beauty Collective, we create simple scents by using uncomplicated fragrance structures with only the necessary ingredients. This makes our perfumes easy to wear and layer together, and perfectly complements our minimal packaging!

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Clean beauty products are those you can trust to be 100% safe for you.

We believe this trust goes hand in hand with transparency. That’s why we display the ingredients we use in our products on our websitea rarity in the fragrance industry. If you scan these ingredients or check out our No-To List, you’ll notice CLEAN scents don’t contain any harsh chemicals typically found in perfumes or beauty products, and are free from parabens, phthalates, dyes, gluten, or toxins. To ensure your safety, we use both natural ingredients and safe synthetics, since natural doesn’t always mean safe when it comes to beauty. We also never use ingredients that are banned in the EU and are compliant with the International Fragrance Association, the global representative body of the perfume industry that promotes the safe use of fragrances. It’s all part of our commitment to putting your safety first. 

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Clean beauty products are not just good for you—they’re good for the planet, too!

For us, that means making conscious choices every step of the way. We’ve partnered with green manufacturing partners to create our fragrances and house each one in reusable vessels and recyclable containers sealed with compostable, corn-derived cellophane to reduce our carbon footprint. We’re also passionate about sourcing sustainable ingredients for our scents and giving back to the communities who help harvest these. How? By offering fair trade prices, and supporting education and healthcare initiatives! We even funded a water filtration system in Haiti where our sustainable ingredients are sourced. Plus, we’ve partnered with EarthDay.Org to support their Protect Our Species initiative that spreads awareness about how to protect pollinators that make our fragrances, and so much more, possible. As a company that offers 100% vegan and cruelty-free products, we’re also proud to display the Leaping Bunny Logo, the only internationally recognized symbol that certifies no animal testing occurred.

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Browse our range today and enjoy the added piece of mind that CLEAN fragrances are just that—100% clean!

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