DIY Spa Escape

DIY Spa Escape

Self-careespecially during these confusing, scary, and stressful timesis a necessity. While it’s easy to forget to make time in busy schedules for practices that relax the body and mind, CLEAN CLASSIC Pure Soap reminds us of their importance. Allow this irresistibly fresh and comforting scent to serve as the inspiration for restorative activities that see you recreate the spa experience at home. 

Make Your Own Mask 

CLEAN CLASSIC Pure Soap is a straightforward scent containing only the essentials - nothing more. Get inspired by its refreshing simplicity by making face masks that are similarly uncomplicated. A combination of honey, coconut oil, avocado, and lavender oil contains nothing but the good stuff and has the power to soothe stressed skin. 

Add Fruit To Your Bath

A staple at many luxury spas, fruit baths can provide a host of benefits from boosting your mood to reviving tired skin. And with a little preparation, they can be easily recreated at home! Get inspired by the Mandarin note of CLEAN CLASSIC Pure Soap and add slices of this citrus fruit next time you draw a warm bath. 

Relax Into A Hand Massage

Set aside 15 minutes to ease muscle tension and reduce stress with a hand massage. Use your thumb to press down on the back and palm of your opposite hand, and move in gentle, circular motions. Focus on the wrists, each of your fingers, and the spot between your thumb and index finger. 

CLEAN tip: Take a cue from the soothing Lavender note in CLEAN CLASSIC Pure Soap, and use a lavender-scented lotion or oil for a massage that’s both smooth and aromatically calming. 

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