Collection: Citrus & Green

Tart and earthy, this energizing fragrance collection is crafted with eco-conscious ingredients that give back to the planet. What could be better when your favorite aroma comes from the world around you? Truly appreciate any citrus and floral fragrance with sustainable formulas and recyclable packaging from CLEAN Beauty Collective.

With revitalizing notes like lemon, mint, bergamot, water lily, apple, and more, you can lift your spirits anytime with the perfect aroma from this selection. The iconic scent of CLEAN RESERVE Citron Fig brightens every day with nutty cardamom, vibrant lemon and rich sandalwood — among other notes in this sparkling aroma. Choose the finest greenery and citrus fragrance for you with our quiz.

These light sprays are exceptional during any season. Embrace unisex floral fragrance notes and fruit scent profiles that stand out all year, whether you’re on a mission to treat yourself or to find stunning gifts that will impress a loved one.

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    Crafted with the perfumer’s reserve of sustainable ingredients, this unisex farm-to-fragrance collection is meant to be layered together so you can blend familiar scents into something entirely unique.

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