Finding Your Summer-to-Fall Transitional Fragrance

Finding Your Summer-to-Fall Transitional Fragrance

While the slow transition from summer to fall can provide a welcome relief from sky-high temperatures before the harsh cold of winter, this time can also present a unique challenge when it comes to selecting your daily fragrance; the summer staple you’ve relied on for the past few months may feel a tad too tropical for cooler days, while heavier scents that envelop you in a toasty embrace might not be appropriate quite yet. That’s why we’re offering some helpful hints for choosing or creating a transitional scent for this precise moment!

All About Airy

While we love creating fragrances that harness zesty fruits to create a solar warmth, we understand these may be more at home on an island vacation than in an apple orchard or snug bookstore. Therefore, as summer becomes fall, we recommend opting for a fragrance that’s airy and sheer rather than sizzlingly bright. CLEAN CLASSIC Fresh Linens, for example, features uplifting and breezy notes of Clean Sheet Accord, Asian Pear, and Clementine to offer the lightness we expect from summer scents while still being appropriate for cooler days. Aldehydic perfumes like CLEAN CLASSIC Pure Soap and CLEAN CLASSIC Simply Clean are also fantastic options for achieving the airy and clean feeling we love for early fall.  

Look for Light Woods 

Take another cue from CLEAN CLASSIC Fresh Linens’ recipe book and reach for a fragrance that features light woods like Blonde Woods. We think these notes are perfect for the time of year when you’re beginning to crave a little coziness but aren’t ready for truly deep fragrances yet. CLEAN RESERVE Avant Garden Nude Santal & Heliotrope is another go-to as it boasts light wood notes like Clearwood as well as a touch of Vanilla for creaminess and bright dash of Lemon.

Layer, Layer, Layer

Layering is key to transforming a traditionally summer scent into something fit for fall! This time of year, we recommend pairing a fragrance that features soft floral notes, which recall spring and summer, with one that boasts the same spices found in your favorite fall drinks. For example, when CLEAN RESERVE Lush Fleur’s Gardenia and Jasmine notes meet the Nutmeg and Salted Fig of CLEAN RESERVE Sel Santal, they create a new scent that’s ideal for September days. 

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Start with Skin

When in doubt, spritz a little CLEAN CLASSIC Skin! This versatile perfume is our number one pick for layering because it draws on notes of White Musk, Cashmere Woods, and Creamy Vanilla to add a touch of sensual warmth to any other CLEAN CLASSIC choice. As well as making scents like CLEAN CLASSIC Beach Vibes more appropriate for cooler days, it can also be used to take you from day to night—especially date night!

Consult the Collective

Read the reviews on to find out which scents fellow Clean Beauty Collective customers have picked as their summer-to-fall (or even year-round!) favorites. For instance, here’s what our collective has to say about our dazzling CLEAN RESERVE Radiant Nectar:

I absolutely adore this perfume! It's bright, sweet, comforting, and addicting. I highly recommend and feel like this will be wonderful for every season. - Sarah

It is compatible in my opinion for any season. I bought this in summer and now in colder months I still enjoy using it so much that I have forgotten about my other perfumes. - Angel

It’s a very comfy scent that you could wear in winter with a cashmere sweater, but had that great sweet note out front that makes it perfect for spring/summer as well. - Sue

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Bookmark this page for future reference: these tricks can just as readily be applied when transitioning from winter to spring!