Green the Globe: Everyday Sustainability

With daily headlines covering the increasingly distressing state of our environment, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to help. In looking at your individual carbon footprint, making changes to your home habits and individual consumption can have the greatest impact. In changing some everyday habits, the effect over time will help to lessen your individual impact on the environment. 

Here’s how to make a difference… 

Rethink the Necessities

While it’s easy to get into a routine around home essentials, there are green alternatives for everything! Next time you’re running low on paper towels or toilet paper, order a recycled paper alternative instead. Ditch dryer sheets for wool dryer balls to eliminate harmful chemicals and microplastics from your tumble dry cycle–one pack will last up to five years, and you can maintain that perfect fresh laundry smell with a few drops of essential oil (or a spritz of Fresh Linens Room Spray).

Upgrade Your Mask Game

This season’s hottest and most important accessory can be found right at home. With discarded items such as old garments, sheets, and shoelaces, you can make a safe, stylish, and sustainable statement with homemade masks.

Looking to take it to the next level? We're taking notes from this CLEAN employee crafting her own mask chains and donating the proceeds to charity.

    Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle

    Our Natural Soy Blend Candles are poured into chic, reusable glass votives and made to live beyond their burn time. Upcycle the votive into the perfect catch-all for jewelry and q-tips.

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    Make an Earthy Move

    While composting isn’t the most glamorous pastime, it’s an excellent way to give your kitchen scraps a new purpose. If you don’t have a yard or community garden that can immediately benefit from your compost, most big cities have drop off points to make the most of your individual contribution.   



    Every CLEAN RESERVE fragrance includes at least one sustainable ingredient and RESERVE Avant Garden includes at least three. Wherever that ingredient is sourced, we give back to farmers and local communities by providing necessities like education programs, healthcare, or safe drinking water.