How to Gift Clean Beauty

How to Gift Clean Beauty

Makeup, skincare, body products, and fragrances are all popular holiday presents, but not all are made equal. At Clean Beauty Collective, we’re proud to offer exactly what our name suggestsclean beauty products!and today, we’re showing you how you can make sure the gifts you give this season are safe for people and the planet. 

What is “Clean Beauty”?

Firstly, it’s important to define the often gray area of “clean beauty.” While there isn’t one definition of what “clean” means, most in the beauty industry agree that “clean” denotes an absence of chemicals known to be harmful to humans. We like to go one step further and consider a product “clean” if it contains only the safest ingredients for both you and the planet. 

Why Gift Clean? 

While it’s important for your own safety that you opt for clean beauty products whenever possible, it’s even more crucial when it comes to gifting as you may be unaware of your friends or family members' sensitivities. For example, giving a deodorant made with baking soda to someone with sensitive skin could cause redness and irritation. However, choosing our CLEAN RESERVE Kakadu Plum Brightening Deodorant, which is made without baking soda or aluminum, is a safe choice for anyone. 

Secondly, clean gifts are better for our furry friends. While many brands define “clean” as products that don’t contain ingredients that are toxic to humans, we think it’s important that “cruelty-free” comes under this definition. Sacrificing defenseless rabbits, mice, cats, and more to animal testing would leave us far from clean of conscience, and this may well be the case for any animal lovers you’re surprising this season. 

Tips for Clean Gifting

1. Scan the Ingredients 

Ensuring your gift is completely clean may require a touch of savvy as the term “clean” is often misused in the beauty industry. Before purchasing a product, scan the list of ingredients on the back for common offenders like parabens (preservatives that can cause allergic reactions and accumulate in the environment) and phthalates (plasticizers and solubilizers that may disrupt hormones and threaten aquatic life). With our products, you can be sure they don’t contain any ingredients that are harmful to humans as we strictly abide by our No-To List, an inventory of ingredients we refuse to use due to safety concerns.

2. Look Out for Logos 

Many beauty brands put a lot of effort into making sure their products are clean and will proudly share labels on their packaging or website that signify this. 

For example, when you shop at Sephora, you’ll notice that every CLEAN fragrance has been given the Clean at Sephora stamp of approval. We are also proud to be certified by Leaping Bunny, the most trusted certification for cruelty-free products, and we are included in the list of Vegan Companies That Don't Test on Animals approved by PETA. It's important to familiarize yourself with these two gold-standard badges so you can feel confident that the product you're buying is 100% vegan or cruelty free.

Remember: There isn’t a reason for companies to hide their clean credentials so the absence of any logos relating to social and environmental responsibility should be a red flag.

3. Play It Safe With CLEAN 

Checking ingredients and logos can be time-consuming. We get that. That’s why we’ve made sure that every single product in our collection is 100% clean! That means you can choose any fragrance with complete peace of mind.