From Shore to Scent: Introducing CLEAN CLASSIC Beach Vibes

From Shore to Scent: Introducing CLEAN CLASSIC Beach Vibes

Before you imagine yourself on a secluded beach, feeling the gentle caress of sun-warmed sand… Remember to protect yourself with SPF and follow up by soothing your skin with a moisturizer, such as our Buriti Soothing Moisturizer for your face and our Buriti Hydrating Body Lotion for your body.

There’s a reason most of us experience an innate pull to the beach. For some it happens year round, for others it's only when the temperatures rise and the sun's rays begin to beat down with unyielding strength. It’s been proven by science! Being near the ocean, or any body of water, is a proven method to relieve stress and calm your mental state. For those of us who are not able to live near the water, one of the best ways to recreate that calming feeling is through our sense of smell, hence, the birth of CLEAN CLASSIC Beach Vibes. 

Dip your toes in, and from the first spritz you’ll experience the light top notes of CLEAN CLASSIC Beach Vibes that are a dance between Italian Mandarin Zest, Pear Blossom, and a delightful Bellini Accord. Refreshing and surprising, they cleanse the palate and set the mood for a relaxing experience.

Diving deeper, the heart of the fragrance lies in the middle notes revealing Marine Accord, Waterlily, Sea Salt, and Orange Flower. Together they evoke an image of the ethereal waterlilies gracefully floating atop gentle ocean waves, accompanied by the invigorating scent of sea salt carried by the sea breeze. 

We all know that the trick is in the finish: Salted Amber intertwines with the warmth of Texas White Cedarwood and the velvety essence of New Caledonia Santal Cream. This harmonious combination envelops you in a comforting embrace, as if you're lounging on a secluded stretch of sunlit sand.

CLEAN CLASSIC Beach Vibes, like others in our Floral Marine Fragrance Family, such as CLEAN RESERVE Acqua Neroli, captures the soothing essence of water and the intoxicating nature of florals. The marriage of these two elements creates a beautiful blend that is both fresh and captivating, like the glimpse of a bouquet of flowers floating on an ocean wave.

While you’re immersing yourself into our world of scents, you can rest easy knowing that every ingredient is carefully chosen for your well-being. We blend the best of nature and science, using vetted, non-toxic ingredients to create clean and delightful fragrances. Our commitment extends beyond scent; we embrace cruelty-free and vegan practices, caring for the Earth and its creatures. Breathe in the tranquility, knowing that our creations bring harmony to you and our shared home (be it at an office, on the beach, or somewhere in between). 

More than just a perfume, CLEAN CLASSIC Beach Vibes is an invitation to escape. With each application, you (and your surroundings) will be transported to a sun-kissed shore, where worries dissipate, and a sense of calm takes hold. Whether you're reminiscing about past beach adventures or creating new memories, this fragrance becomes your passport to an oasis of tranquility. We hope to see you there!