Let’s Get Technical: How To Wear Fragrance

Let’s Get Technical: How To Wear Fragrance

Welcome to our educational series, where we breakdown all there is to know about the fragrance world. We’re committed to creating confident, informed consumers, starting with you. Last time we discussed the differences between EDP, EDT vs EDF. Here we’re sharing the ultimate dos and don’ts of fragrance wearing. 

If perfume is a science then wearing it is an art form. And while we all have our scent routines, there are a few definitive rules for optimal application and longer-lasting fragrance.

DO store your fragrance room at temperature. Extreme heat or cold can affect the chemistry of the natural ingredients. This means your bathroom vanity might not be the best spot thanks to hot showers. The door of your fridge provides a great cool, dark space that’s less cold than its center shelves.

DON’T rub your wrists! Almost all women are guilty of this age-old offense. The truth is the motion created by rubbing tends to alter the original fragrance as it mixes with oils in your skin. It also fades the top and middle notes, making for a short-lived scent.

DO just spritz your pulse points lightly. Go for wrists, base of neck, behind the ear or even inside the elbows. These areas are heat zones where the blood is closer to the skin, and encourage the fragrance to unfold faster. 

DO apply an unscented moisturizer before spraying your perfume. Fragrance lasts longer on freshly hydrated skin, so we advise this routine: shower, body moisturizer, fragrance. 

DON’T be afraid to spray on clothes and hair, like arm hair, which tend to hold scents the longest.

Insider CLEAN tip: We like to spray fragrances from the bottom up. Start spritzing at your ankles and lower body while you work your way up. As heat rises, so does the scent.