Our Buzz Makers Vol 6: @waterthruskin

Our Buzz Makers Vol 6: @waterthruskin

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Month this month, we're partnering with Earth Day Network to support their Protect Our Species campaign, created to protect endangered bees. We formed a hive of do-gooders who care about the bees and the earth as much as we do. Discover why and how they’re helping the bees—we hope you’ll get inspired to take action, too.

Vol 6: @waterthruskin

Home Base: Miami, Florida

MissionTo inspire others to chase a lifestyle with a conscience—a kind, eco-friendly and adventurous way of living that allows one to love themself and preserve the planet.

Why bees?: “Bees are our earth saviors and warriors. 90% of flowering plants in our world need pollinators to survive and to give us fruits and flowers. Our actions as consumers and humans have been impacting the bee population tremendously.”

Her tips to help protect the bees:  

Valeria encourages all of us to make connections between our daily actions and our impact on the bee population. “Our demand has increased so much for almond milk that bees are being exploited to pollinate almond trees.” Do like Valeria, and switch from almond milk to oat milk to help relieve some of the pressure on bees.


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