Our Buzz Makers Vol 5: @saratoufali

Our Buzz Makers Vol 5: @saratoufali

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Month this month, we're partnering with Earth Day Network to support their Protect Our Species campaign, created to protect endangered bees. We formed a hive of do-gooders who care about the bees and the earth as much as we do. Discover why and how they’re helping the bees—we hope you’ll get inspired to take action, too.

Vol 5: @saratoufali

Home Base: Los Angeles, California

Mission: As a photographer, blogger, and interior decorator, Sara is all about creating cozy spaces and believes home is where is the plants are.

Why bees?: “The species is absolutely essential to our earth, but their numbers are dwindling. Almost all flowering plants (90% to be exact) rely on bees and insects to pollinate. Fragrances and SO much more wouldn’t be possible without the pollination of bees.”

Her tips to help protect the bees:  

Sara is planting beautiful pollinator-friendly gardens.  

“My pick for bee-friendly plants is lavender. Not only is it beautiful looking and smelling, it’s actually quite easy to grow! Lavender prefers full sun so take that into consideration when picking a spot to plant. Water your lavender when the soil is almost all dry, and prune it back every year after full bloom to keep it healthy and happy. Honeysuckle, aeonium, rosemary, sage, and California poppies are also plants that bees absolutely love.”

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