Our Buzz Makers Vol 7: @thefreshscoop

Our Buzz Makers Vol 7: @thefreshscoop

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Month this month, we're partnering with Earth Day Network to support their Protect Our Species campaign, created to protect endangered bees. We formed a hive of do-gooders who care about the bees and the earth as much as we do. Discover why and how they’re helping the bees—we hope you’ll get inspired to take action, too.

Vol 7: @thefreshscoop

Home Base: Orlando, Florida

MissionAfter suffering a life-changing back injury, Elizabeth turned to plant-based eating and an eco-friendly lifestyle. She inspires her followers to reduce their carbon footprint through their diet and everyday actions.

Why bees?: “Certain crops like cherries and blueberries are 90%-reliant on the pollination of honeybees. But billions of bees are lost each year due to many complicated causes, including viruses, climate change and pesticide use. We are all affected by bees whether it’s what you’re putting on your body, like fragrances, or what you’re putting in your body, so protecting the planet and the bees has never been so important.”

Her tips to help protect the bees:  

  • Use local and sustainably-sourced honey, which ensures it comes from beekeepers that care about the health and welfare of bees.
  • Buy locally-sourced ingredients from farmer’s markets and local grocery stores for pesticide-free produce, and shop what’s in season

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