Refresh Your Home This New Year

Refresh Your Home This New Year

Feeling the need for a fresh start in 2023 after a difficult year and a busy holiday season? Let our vegan, cruelty-free candles inspire you to rejuvenate your space this new year!


For the Living Room: Bring the Outdoors In

Studies have shown that plants can have an enormous positive impact on our well-being, from reducing stress to increasing productivity and creativity. Take a cue from CLEAN SPACE Rain Natural Soy Blend Candle, a rejuvenating blend that draws on Waterlily and Rainforest Vetiver to recall the scent of passing rainfall, and bring nature into your home! Adding a potted fiddle leaf fig to your living room or a fresh bouquet of flowers could help boost your overall well-being in 2022. 

For the Bedroom: Prioritize Relaxation

The busy holiday season has likely served as a reminder of just how important rest is. So this year, make your bedroom somewhere you can truly unwind. You could invest in quality bed linen, swap your current light bulbs for LED soft white light bulbs, or simply light natural, eco-friendly candles like our CLEAN RESERVE Home Warm Cotton Diffuser to enjoy the deeply comforting scent of freshly laundered clothes straight from the dryer. 

For the Home Office: Choose Comfort and Calm 

With working from home now very much a regular part of many peoples’ lives, it’s important to have a workstation that promotes comfort and productivity. If you’ve been putting off buying a supportive desk chair, this month could be a great time to finally make the leap. You can also boost your concentration in this space by drawing on the power of fragrance! A bright, fresh scent like that of our CLEAN SPACE Fresh Linens Natural Soy Blend Candle can help clear your mind of racing thoughts so you can focus on the tasks at hand.