Scented Ever After: Unveiling the Magic of Wedding Fragrances

Scented Ever After: Unveiling the Magic of Wedding Fragrances

Bum bum ba bum… 

Love is in the air and so is that familiar scent of wedding season! But how do you elevate the moment from memorable to unforgettable? A well chosen scent is a powerful tool. Regardless of your role in the big day, a scent-sational fragrance can add to any experience so we’ve put together some specifics:

- Signature Scents for Her
- Signature Scents for Him
- Signature Scents Based on Location
- Scent-sational Gifts for the Happy Couple
- Scent-sational gifts for the Wedding MVPs
- For the Honeymoon

Scents can transcend time, transforming your special day into an olfactory masterpiece, and then into a cherished memory. It's all about adding that enchanting "je ne sais quoi" to the atmosphere, presenting the newlyweds with a gift that will forever remind them of their big day, or finding the perfect way to thank your friends that stood with you as you took that next step with your spouse. 

Let’s immerse in the world of wedding fragrances, where love and scent intertwine to create the ultimate unforgettable experiences.

Signature Scents for the Big Day: 

For Her: Whether you’re walking down the aisle in white or standing up for the bride, a signature scent is the perfect way to finish off any outfit. A sweet, but not too sweet, fruity and floral blend balanced with just the right hint of musk such as our CLEAN RESERVE Radiant Nectar fragrance is perfect for a spring or summer wedding. Or if you’re looking for something with a little bit more sparkle and sass try CLEAN RESERVE Sparkling Sugar with irresistible notes of peach nectar and soft pink sugar. The perfect complement to your wink and smile. 

For Him: They say the way a man smells is one of the first things women notice. So let it make an impression! CLEAN RESERVE Sel Santal adds an invigorating spice with a pinch of nutmeg balanced with the enticing freshness of mandarin and a smoky finish with a sprinkle of amber to soften. If you’re looking for something with a bit more contrast, CLEAN RESERVE Sueded Oud is a study in the balance of deep and dark wood softened with light florals and a hint of light creamy sweetness. 

A Signature Fragrance for a Signature Location: 

Every wedding venue has its unique atmosphere, for a curated scent experience that matches the surrounding environment consider matching your signature wedding fragrance to your location. Whether you're getting married in a tropical paradise, a picturesque garden, a serene beach, a mesmerizing desert, or along the captivating Mediterranean coastline, there's a fragrance that captures the essence of each location. But the best part is that it’s something you can take with you after the last dance and enjoy for years to come. 

Tropical - CLEAN RESERVE RainFor those exchanging vows in a tropical paradise, CLEAN RESERVE Rain is the perfect choice. Inspired by the refreshing scent that lingers after a tropical rainfall, this fragrance blends watery floral notes, airy musk, vetiver, and patchouli, creating a calming and earthy aroma.

Garden - CLEAN RESERVE Lush FleurImmerse yourself in a picture-perfect garden wedding with CLEAN RESERVE Lush Fleur. This luminous fragrance boasts sheer gardenia, rose, jasmine, with a playful touch of raspberry. It adds a touch of romance and completes the fairy tale ambiance.

Beach - CLEAN CLASSIC Beach VibesIf your vows are set against the backdrop of a serene beach, CLEAN CLASSIC Beach Vibes is the ideal fragrance. Capturing the essence of sun, sand, and azure waters, this fragrance combines bursts of mandarin, pear blossom, sparkling Bellini, lush water lily, sea salt, and warm cedarwood for a truly beach-inspired experience.

Desert - CLEAN RESERVE Solar BloomEmbrace the boho-chic vibes of a desert wedding with CLEAN RESERVE Solar Bloom. This fragrance intertwines warm florals, earthy charcoal notes, and sensual coconut, perfectly capturing the essence of the wilderness and the desert sun.

Mediterranean - CLEAN RESERVE Acqua NeroliDreaming of a Mediterranean wedding? CLEAN RESERVE Acqua Neroli evokes the allure of the Amalfi Coast. Its addictive blend of citrus notes, fresh white florals, and the neroli flower reflects the effortless elegance and endless summer found in the secluded coves of the Mediterranean.

Give a Scent-sational Gift: 

For the happy couple: Can’t forget your wedding gift! Searching for the perfect gift for the happy couple can be a daunting task. One of the best ways to ensure that their home is comfy and cozy for their post wedding bliss is by gifting one of our home fragrances. From candles to reed diffusers to room sprays, they can rest assured that what they are putting in their home is eco-conscious and sustainable, while being crafted with ethically sourced ingredients. Only the best for the newlyweds! 

For the Wedding MVPs: On the other hand, if you’re looking for a way to thank your most loyal supporters (your bridesmaids or your groomsmen) for being there for you through the endless fittings, standing beside you at the altar, and making sure you made it there, a perfume is the perfect way to say an all encompassing thank you. 

For the Bridesmaids: If you want to add a little something extra to the bridesmaid favors, or bouquets, you can select any one of our travel sized gift sets and have them pick their own scent or mix and match! For a more personalized gift, try something feminine and classic such as our CLEAN CLASSIC Original for that quintessentially clean scent paired with the floral freshness of orange blossoms and peonies. And if you’d like a more sophisticated and daring gift try CLEAN CLASSIC Citron Fig inspired by the element of surprise with notes of lemon zest and sweet fig. 

For the Groomsmen: Make sure that the boys are serving looks and scents! Gift them a classic scent such as CLEAN CLASSIC Pure Soap for those who love feeling squeaky clean. Or try CLEAN CLASSIC Ultimate for the bright blend of Italian Bergamot and Provencal Lemon to up their scent game with the ultimate appeal. 

For the Honeymoon: Once all the excitement and stress of the day has died down, it’s time to relax with your new boo, shift into your new rhythm and enjoy each other’s company. And as we’ve mentioned the best way to set the mood is through fragrance (it’s science!). Opting for a rendez-vous by candlelight with our Fresh Linens Candle is the perfect way to evoke the relaxing feeling of slipping into clean sheets and sleeping in on a sunny weekend morning. And if you’re looking for a perfume to make you feel irresistible, our CLEAN RESERVE Skin scent is soft, subtle, and reminiscent of the comfort of a loving embrace… A perfect place to start…

There’s so many ways to incorporate scents and fragrances into your wedding experience, whether you’re a guest, or the main event at the party. But most importantly it’s making sure that you and your people are feeling good, and making the best possible memories you can for years to come. It’s our promise that whatever method you choose for your wedding scent journey you can feel confident that the ingredients are trusted and carefully selected, and the methods are sustainable and cruelty free. After all, there’s no place for toxicity and harm at a wedding so hit the dance floor with confidence and we have your back!