3 Ways to Elevate Your Mood at Home

Feeling like you could use a pick-me-up lately? Us too.

Luckily, scent is a proven psychological influence on how you feel. Multiple studies show the powerful calming effect of aromatherapy on the limbic system in your brain. 

In fact, you can train your brain to associate certain fragrances with certain feelings. You can pick scents that remind you of your favorite memories, or develop a new scent ritual to improve your mood.

Our variety of fragrances and home scents provides a fresh aromatherapy backdrop to make your space feel like new. Whatever mood you’re seeking, we’ve got the scent to make it happen.

Seeking Energy

Try: Citron Fig

Why it Works: The warm sweetness of fig blends with zesty ginger and the tang of lemon to revive your senses and provide an uplifting boost.


Seeking Calm

Try: Rain Natural Soy Blend Candle

Why it Works: A peaceful scent for your home. Strike a match for a touch of earthiness to create the calming watery fresh scent you inhale walking in the woods after a passing rain.


Seeking Comfort

Try: Warm Cotton 

Why it Works: Thanks to top notes of soothing Verbena and warm base notes of Musk and Amber, our iconic bestseller keeps you cozy by reminding you of freshly laundered sheets.