How to Destress After a Long Day...At Home

How to Destress After a Long Day...At Home

Zoom meetings. Play time. Lunch hour. While you’ve been home, you probably have been trying to do everything at once. Maybe you’re on work calls while changing diapers or figuring out how to make lunch something different than dinner. Whatever your situation may be, these quarantine days can prove to be long.

Now more than ever, taking some time for yourself at the end of the day (or even the beginning) to unwind and relax your mind and body is so important. Think of it as a little slice of me-time, instead of just another chore to add to your to-do list. Set aside five or ten minutes for a mindful break (your sanity is worth it!) and check out our favorite ways to come down from the day below:

1. Meditate  

We’ve talked a lot about meditation and we always come back to it because it truly helps us. Before you think this isn’t for you, it’s not all cross-legged poses and complete silence. Meditating can simply be closing your eyes and focusing on your breath for 5 minutes. There are also several great meditation apps with guided meditations as short as 3 minutes. We like to spray one of our SPACE Linen & Room Sprays to revive our senses, and use the Headspace app for a ten minute meditation nightly.

2. Move Your Body

Movement is whatever that means to you, whether it’s taking a socially-distanced walk, or streaming a cardio class at home. And after sitting in front of the computer all day or chasing after your children, even ten minutes of purposeful movement can release endorphins and just make you feel good. We love to pull out our yoga mat and tune into a yoga class from Peloton or we’ll just get in a few long stretches instead of a class. 

3. Spa Shower

One of things we love the most about going to the spa is the relaxing, low-lit atmosphere and a visit to the sauna. Recreate this ubiquitous sense of calm in your bathroom. Light one or two of our SPACE candles, shut the lights off and turn your shower on hot to make it a little steamy. Grab your phone and find a spa playlist. Turn it up and hop in the shower. Take in the warmth of the water, the soft scent of the candle and the zen music for some tranquil me-time. After, we like to extend this feeling with a cup of herbal tea.