CLEAN: It’s in Our Genes

CLEAN: It’s in Our Genes

With the new year and new decade, we want to reintroduce ourselves and share our ever-important mission: providing the safest fragrances while protecting our planet.  

You, like us, care about what you put on your skin and use in your home. You also care about how your choices affect our beautiful earth which is why we’re sending you a huge e-hug. Since 2003, CLEAN has been setting the standard for world-class fragrances with a conscience. We’re not perfect, but we’re constantly evolving to create the best products for you and help our planet.

We’re Simple.

Our formulas are non-toxic and never complicated. We only use the essential ingredients and never add any fillers or artificial dyes.

We’re Trusted.

Transparency is everything. We’ve got nothing to hide and neither do our fragrances. We test all all of our ingredients, both natural and synthetic, to ensure they are the safest.

We’re Conscious.

We put you and the planet first, at all times. From eco-friendly packaging to green manufacturing and sourcing sustainable ingredients, we carefully consider every choice. We are also deeply committed to our farming families. We give back to their communities and support educational programs, clean water projects and more. Learn about this here. 

More boxes to check? We’re all these things, too.

Clean Beauty

Plus, discover our “No-To” list, aka all the hard-to-pronounce ingredients we always avoid.

You’re now officially part of the CLEAN family! We’re so glad you’re here and together we’ll do the greatest good.