Green The Globe: How to Live with Less Plastic

Green The Globe: How to Live with Less Plastic

Our new series reminds us that while we aren’t perfect, there are tons of ways we can protect our sweet earth. Think of all the beautiful sunsets, mountain ranges and beaches we’ve seen; we owe it to her! The future of the planet is truly in our hands and we can rise to the task. Each month we’ll share tips and tricks, plus habits that we can change, for the greater, greener, good.

Volume 1: How To Live With Less Plastic

Plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental concerns right now and for good reason. 40% of the plastic produced every year is for single-use plastic items (straws, plastic forks, cups, etc), most of which will take hundreds of years to break down. Plastic is also littering our oceans. 8 million tons of plastic end up in the sea every year, killing tons of defenseless animals.

Here’s how to make a difference:

Up Your Tote Game

You know the drill. Tote reusable canvas bags to the grocery store to avoid adding to the mountain of plastic bags you’re hoarding under the kitchen sink. Plus, it’s easier to sling a tote over your shoulder with heavy groceries. Keep one folded up in your purse so you’re always ready to go plastic-free at the pharmacy, clothes stores or anywhere else you shop.

Shop Smart

Try to buy products without plastic packaging that could enjoy a second life in your home. Every item in our SPACE collection features glass votives that can be cleaned out and reused. Maybe they’ll become little flower vases. Or hold your makeup brushes or cotton balls. Get creative and you’ll feel good about creating less waste.

Wrap It Right

Ditch the plastic wrap and plastic Ziplock bags. Both have a very limited lifespan and were designed to be disposable. We love using beeswax wraps instead. They’re non-toxic and made of cotton infused with beeswax, so they’re perfectly pliable to shape around any kind of food. The best part is they’re washable so you can use them over and over again.