Green The Globe: Conscious Cupid

Green The Globe: Conscious Cupid

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner which means it’s time to start planning how you’ll spend this special occasion with your special someone. Get ahead with our list of eco-friendly Valentine’s Day date ideas that will show themand Mother Naturejust how much you care. 

Visit your local farmer’s market 

Spend the morning strolling through your local farmer’s market - you’ll enjoy quality time with your honey and find fresh produce without excess waste or pollution. Overwhelmed by the abundance of delectable fruit and vegetables? Take inspiration from CLEAN RESERVE Acqua Neroli, a farm-to-fragrance scent featuring sustainably sourced Mandarin Oil, and keep your eyes peeled for juicy mandarin oranges.

Plant a tree

Put down roots with your partner by planting a tree! You’ll make memories to last a lifetime while helping to improve air quality and provide a home for wildlife. 

Cook a low-impact meal 

Impress your sweetheart with a home-cooked meal they’re sure to love. A vegan diet reduces your contribution to deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions,

so find your favorite meatless recipe and get to work. Heighten the sensual experience by pairing your meal with your go-to CLEAN scent; every CLEAN product is 100% vegan-friendly! 

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Take a litter-pick up nature walk 

They may be a romantic cliche, but long walks on the beach--or park!--are a beautiful way to appreciate nature and enjoy a meaningful conversation with your one and only. Why not mark February 14th by picking up trash as you spend time in the great outdoors? You’ll help keep your community beautiful and protect animals from harm. 

Plan a waste-free picnic

A blanket stretched out over lush grass. A wicker basket on the beach. Picnics are a thoughtful Valentine’s date idea, but one that can generate a startling amount of waste. This year, make a conscious effort to avoid plastic wrap and aluminum foil. Instead, take a cue from our reusable CLEAN RESERVE HOME candles and choose containers that can be used again and again.