Special Scents For Your Sweetheart

Special Scents For Your Sweetheart

Looking for a gift they’ll love? From the high school sweetheart to your bestie, we have the perfect present for every Valentine!


For Your New Love: CLEAN CLASSIC Blossom

Celebrate your first Valentine’s Day together by gifting CLEAN CLASSIC Blossom. With notes of Seringa Petals, Yellow Freesia, and Rain Lily, this fresh floral fragrance captures the elation of blossoming love.


For Your Long Distance Lover: CLEAN RESERVE Skin

Experience a familiar embrace, even when you can’t be together. CLEAN RESERVE Skin blends Vanilla Orchid and Salted Praline to deliver a kiss of warmth and sensuality with every spray. 


For The One: CLEAN CLASSIC Ultimate

Show your great love how important they are with this bright and floral fragrance. Just like them, CLEAN CLASSIC Ultimate is dependable, comforting, and a constant source of joy. 


For Your High School Sweetheart: CLEAN CLASSIC The Original

Our first fragrance belongs with your first love. The reassuring and modern CLEAN CLASSIC The Original mirrors a love that’s classic yet ever-changing. 


For Your Go-To Galentine: CLEAN CLASSIC Flower Fresh

Share the love with uplifting CLEAN CLASSIC Flower Fresh. A unique blend featuring Lemon Zest and Sheer Gardenia, this breezy and feminine scent bottles the giddy highs of friendship. 


For You: CLEAN RESERVE Avant Garden Nude Santal and Heliotrope

Self-love comes first so treat yourself to CLEAN RESERVE Avant Garden Nude Santal and Heliotrope. With notes of Cinnamon and Sandalwood, this exquisite scent is the definition of secure peacefulness and luxury.





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