Special Scents For Your Sweetheart

Special Scents For Your Sweetheart

Looking for a gift they’ll love? From the high school sweetheart to your bestie, we have the perfect present for every Valentine!


For Your Long Distance Lover: CLEAN RESERVE Skin

Experience a familiar embrace, even when you can’t be together. CLEAN RESERVE Skin blends Vanilla Orchid and Salted Praline to deliver a kiss of warmth and sensuality with every spray. 


For The One: CLEAN CLASSIC Ultimate

Show your great love how important they are with this bright and floral fragrance. Just like them, CLEAN CLASSIC Ultimate is dependable, comforting, and a constant source of joy. 


For Your High School Sweetheart: CLEAN CLASSIC The Original

Our first fragrance belongs with your first love. The reassuring and modern CLEAN CLASSIC The Original mirrors a love that’s classic yet ever-changing. 


For Your Go-To Galentine: CLEAN CLASSIC Flower Fresh

Share the love with uplifting CLEAN CLASSIC Flower Fresh. A unique blend featuring Lemon Zest and Sheer Gardenia, this breezy and feminine scent bottles the giddy highs of friendship. 


It’s never been easier to spoil your special someone!