Meet Our Social Butterflies

Meet Our Social Butterflies

Not only does CLEAN RESERVE Lush Fleur delight the senses with its fruity, floral fragrance, it also inspires us to #FlutterForChange and create a world where threatened butterflies can thrive. Below, we catch up with three influencers about why they’ve fallen head over heels for CLEAN RESERVE Lush Fleur, and how it’s motivated them to become Social Butterflies—planet protectors who use social media to spread awareness about how we can save beautiful butterflies. 

Haley Ivers

Haley Ivers is a San Francisco Bay Area creative. She’s passionate about creating a beautiful life and loves nothing more than showing others how to do the same via her blog and Instagram @haleyivers

Her favorite thing about CLEAN RESERVE Lush Fleur: “Certain crops like cherries and blueberries are 90%-reliant on the pollination of honeybees. But billions of bees are lost each year due to many complicated causes, including viruses, climate change and pesticide use. We are all affected by bees whether it’s what you’re putting on your body, like fragrances, or what you’re putting in your body, so protecting the planet and the bees has never been so important.”

Why CLEAN RESERVE Lush Fleur has a special place in her heart: I have an utter obsession with flowers and I have since I was a kid. I always love having flowers in the house, my room, in the garden and just seeing them out in nature makes me stop, stare, and smile. So wearing this fragrance reminds me of one of my loves.

How she found her passion for protecting the planet: I started to become more passionate about protecting our planet when I started learning more through infographics and educational bits on Instagram from users and brands! It opened my eyes to the harm we are causing our planet in a much more detailed way and offered solutions on how to be more sustainable and how to protect our planet. I've learned more about how to care for our planet through Instagram than I ever have from school or the news.

Her top tips for saving butterflies: For those who want to join this cause, plant flowers in your garden or in pots on your deck that attract butterflies! I have two places I love buying flowering plants. The first is Home Depot. They have an abundance of plants ready to be planted but also you can start from the seed as well. Secondly, I love visiting the local nursery out by the coast so if you're near a small business nursery, go there!

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Steph is a registered nurse living in the Pacific Northwest. She loves to blog about motherhood and beauty at The Darling Dahlia, and share her beauty favorites on her Instagram @thedarlingdahlia_.

Why she’s fallen for CLEAN RESERVE Lush Fleur: It’s the perfect combination of floral and citrus that just feels feminine and flirty.

How she plans to #FlutterForChange this spring: I’m going to help save the butterflies by planting native Milkweed and Bee Balm to attract butterflies and other pollinators. 

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Naza Holliman

Naza Holliman is the adventurous spirit behind Sweet P And Sky, a lifestyle blog about family, travel, fashion, and beauty. She’s also the proud founder of The Mommy Blogger Tribes, a blogging community. You can find her on Instagram as

Why she loves CLEAN RESERVE Lush Fleur: It’s enough to bring anyone out of their winter hibernation and blues, and ready for spring!

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