Our Buzz Makers Vol 2: Jhánneu

Our Buzz Makers Vol 2: Jhánneu

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Month in April, we're partnering with Earth Day Network to fund their Protect Our Species campaign, created to protect endangered bees. We formed a hive of do-gooders who care about the bees and the earth as much as we do. Discover why and how they’re helping the bees—we hope you’ll get inspired to take action, too.

Vol 2: Jhánneu

Current Location: Los Angeles

Mission: Jhánneu aims to help people create a more sustainable home by sharing ways to reduce waste and live with eco-friendly products.

Why bees?: “90% of bees need flowering plants to pollinate. This means that so many of our fruits and vegetables need bees to grow. Bees are so important to the entire ecosystem.”  

Her tips to help protect the bees:

  • Purchase organic produce whenever possible and limit your own backyard use of herbicides and insecticides, especially when plants are in bloom and bees are foraging.
  • Support local beekeepers by purchasing honey directly from them.
  • Leave a dish of water out for bees to drink from, with a cork, stone, or twig for them to land on.

Follow @jhanneu for other eco-conscious living tips and watch our Instagram for more ways to help the bees.

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