Home Sweet Haven

Home Sweet Haven

Living in the midst of such uncertainty can cause anxiety and worry, on top of being cooped up inside. One thing we can control is the energy we create and put out into our environment. As the CLEAN team works from home, we look to aromatherapy to create a serene, productive atmosphere. Here are our top tips for creating the calm.

Clear The Clutter

Clothes on the floor. Papers strewn about. A disorganized space can create an inner sense of chaos. To keep the mess from getting overwhelming, take 5-10 minutes every day to do a quick pick-up of anything in sight. This will help maintain tidiness throughout the week and avoid a dreadful cleaning project on the weekend. After you pick up, spritz one of our CLEAN SPACE Linen & Room Sprays to bring an airy, fresh finish.

Give Gratitude

We’re sure now more than ever, you’ve seen lots of calls for positivity and gratefulness, but that’s because it can truly make a difference in your day. It’s all about realizing that everything you need is already inside of you. And when you tap into positivity, you put that into your environment. So take a few minutes in the morning to jot down one thing you're grateful for. Light a candle with a rejuvenating scent (we love our SPACE Rain Soy Candle). Sit quietly and think about this thought. If you do this regularly, you’ll start to associate the scent of the candle with gratitude, and can spark this feeling everytime you light it.

Upgrade Your Work Space

If you’re working remotely, it’s so important to create a zone where you can be efficient, even if your bed is a few feet away. To do this, clear your desk surface of anything you don’t need during the working day. Add things that can keep you refreshed and focused all day long: your water bottle filled with fresh water and a few slices of cucumber, a hydrating face mist for an afternoon pick-me-up and your favorite subtle scent for inspiration. We use our SPACE Liquid Reed Diffusers for a flameless fragrance to perk up our “office”.

The power of scent can positively impact your day, and with just a few simple changes you can bring a more relaxing feel to your space.