Sustainability Spotlight: Styrax in Sel Santal

Sustainability Spotlight: Styrax in Sel Santal

Welcome back to our sustainability series, where we explore every eco-conscious aspect of our Reserve and Avant Garden fragrances—ingredients, packaging and all. Our promise? To never craft fragrances with anything that may potentially be linked to health or environmental issues (see our No-to list).

Today we're focusing on a sustainable ingredient found in CLEAN RESERVE Sel Santal: Styrax

We partner with a fragrance house that sources Styrax resin, known as liquid amber, from the Pech Tribe, native forest farmers of Honduras. This indigenous community has harvested this resin for centuries and our partnership helps its people protect their land, support their families and improve local schools.

5 Fun Facts:

  • In the 14th century, Styrax was often referred to as "frankincense of Java," and was used as an antiseptic and inhalant.
  • Styrax refers to a genus of about 130 species of shrubs and trees.
  • To harvest resin, collectors will search for pockets in the bark of the Styrax tree and use a mallet to assess quality. Those with an abundance of resin are cut in to and flow out of the tree like honey.
  • There are two types of materials produced from Styrax – an essential oil and resinoid. The essential oil produced has balsamic notes and spicy, woody characteristics. The resinoid has more fruity and floral facets.
  • Styrax helps give body to fragrances. In fact, it acts as a base note in our very own CLEAN RESERVE Sel Santal.