Sustainability Spotlight: Vanilla in RESERVE Skin

Sustainability Spotlight: Vanilla in RESERVE Skin

Welcome back to our sustainability series, where we explore the eco-conscious ingredients used in our Reserve and Avant Garden fragrances. Our promise? To never craft products with anything that may be potentially linked to health or environmental issues (see our No-To list).

Our definition of sustainable: 

  1. Responsibly sourced and doesn’t deplete the planet’s natural resources.
  2. Gives back to the farmers and their communities.
  3. Maintains a eco-conscious life cycle, from green manufacturing to recyclable packaging.

Meet classic and warm Vanilla, one of our eco-conscious ingredients in RESERVE Skin.

Vanilla brings a comforting, familiar feel to this luxe scent. Our fragrance house was one of the first buyers of Vanilla Bean in the world. It sources this raw material from Madagascar, where much of the earth’s Vanilla is produced. Purchasing from this region also helps give back: our fragrance house collaborates with a local supplier to build drinking water wells for the farming community, as well as provide funds for a medical dispensary.

5 Fun Facts:

  • Vanilla is actually an orchid plant and one of the only orchids that produces a fruit, aka the vanilla bean.
  • The popular girl, Vanilla is often considered the world’s most known scent and flavor, since it’s used in cosmetics, foods and more.
  • Vanilla is America’s most-loved ice cream flavor, proving that you can’t really mess with a classic.
  • Vanilla beans or pods are green on the plant without flavor or scent. They become aromatic, sweet and black during the harvesting process.
  • The word “vanilla” comes from the Spanish vainilla (a form of the word vaina, meaning pod), which translates to “little pod”.