The Fall Back: 3 Ways To Stay On Track

The Fall Back: 3 Ways To Stay On Track

This morning we turned the clocks back and gained an hour of sleep(!). But soon the days will get shorter. We’re approaching that time of year when the sun sets earlier and earlier in the late afternoon. Combine this with colder temps, and it’s all too easy to slip into a winter slump. But, you can beat the grey gloom! We’ve put together our top tips for keeping your spirits up and schedule in order.

Rework your plans

If your social calendar is falling to the wayside because it feels too dark and cold to do anything after work, it’s time to relook at your schedule. Make weekend brunch dates with friends instead. Or offer to hang at each other’s places so it feels like less of a commitment. When it’s your turn to host, set out our Warm Cotton reed diffuser for a comforting, home-y scent.

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Take advantage of the AM

Unless you’re an early riser, mornings can be tough. Harnessing the power of the early morning sun can make a huge difference in your schedule and productivity. Spritz our Rain Linen & Room Spray in your space as you get ready for an energizing boost. Start the day with a morning meditation or plan sunrise workouts, and then thank yourself later when you’re done for the day.

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Find joy in the simple things

Create little moments you love all day long, so the gloom won’t get to you. Dive into a new book. Escape briefly from your morning commute as you flip through the pages. Light our relaxing Fresh Linens candle after work and get cozy. Listen to your favorite song on repeat in the shower. Enjoy a glass of wine during a long bath. End the day with a cup of chamomile tea before bed. 

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And smile, you just got an extra hour of sleep!