A Fragrance for Every Occasion

A Fragrance for Every Occasion

We get it—the clean beauty space can be overwhelming. How do you educate yourself on what’s safest while making sure it’s a reflection of what you’re feeling in the moment? For most of us, it’s a struggle (and we don’t have time). But whatever the day brings, at CLEAN, we’ve got a scent for you, and you can trust that the safest ingredients are used. 

Devote a special fragrance for every occasion on your schedule—because sometimes, pairing the right scent with the right time is all it takes to create the impression you want.

Morning Team Meeting: CLEAN CLASSIC Shower Fresh

Set the tone for the week when you need to be on your A game, bright and early. With faint notes of Lily of the Valley and Mandarin Orange, this fragrance captures that refreshing feeling after a shower.

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For Freshening Up Midday: CLEAN CLASSIC Warm Cotton

Need a midday pick-me-up? Spritz on some CLEAN CLASSIC Warm Cotton to add a refreshing lift and help recenter your focus. This fragrance is the essence of freshness and comfort, inspired by newly laundered clothes.

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When you need to kick things up to the next level: CLEAN RESERVE Solar Bloom

Feminine with an edgy surprise like our solar floral bouquet with earthy warm charcoal. Turn up the heat -- think of stepping out into the sun and soaking up it’s loud energy.

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If you want to keep things clean & simple: CLEAN CLASSIC The Original

Clean and simple: The Original was inspired by a bar of soap and is formulated to make you feel like the cleanest version of yourself. 

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For that midsummer BBQ: CLEAN CLASSIC Endless Summer 

Embody the warmth of a summer day with light, fresh and airy notes of white freesia and coconut water. 

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Spending the night at his/her place: CLEAN CLASSIC or RESERVE Skin

Perfect for a late night with a special someone, this is what anyone would wear to embody playfulness and to inspire confidence. A more sensual scent with vanilla and musk, this fragrance is inspired by being close to another.

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